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Package InstalSystem 5 is new generation of the package supporting designing of radiant heating and cooling installations (floor, wall and ceiling), central heating as well as thermal calculation of buildings. Work on the project is supported by 3D presentation;

InstalSystem 5 - screen

possibility to use automatic functions of the program; graphical presentation of the products used in the project; update system that allows to run the program in the newest version or in version on which a given project has been created; HelpSystem containing descriptions, movies and example projects.

Currently the package may include the following modules:

  • InstalSystem base module and Package Manager
  • Heat Loss (Heat Load)
  • Radiator sizing
  • Radiant loop systems
    (pipes freely arranged on the specified area)
  • Radiant panel systems
    (radiant systems composed of prefabricated panels)
  • Dry system boards arrangement
    (layout of system board elements, for loop dry systems)
  • Heating systems
    (pipe network from the source to terminal units, pipes and fittings sizing, balancing)
  • VDI radiators interface (for German market)
  • VDI valves interface (for German market)
  • gbXML (BIM) Import - prototype
    (import of building structure from gbXML files)
  • IFC (BIM) Import - prototype
    (import of data from IFC files)

InstalSystem package is offered in company versions and in InstalSoft version.

InstalSystem 5 package is available in the following market versions:
BulgariaBulgarian ChinaChinese Czech RepublicCzech EnglishEnglish GermanyGerman ItalyItalian
LithuaniaLithuanian PolishPolish PortuguesePortuguese RomanianRomanian RussiaRussian
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