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Sewage installations module available in InstalSystem 5 package!

We are pleased to announce, that we have published a new module for the InstalSystem 5 package.

The module “Sewage installations” in the first published version allows you to design domestic, gravity sewage system with direct ventilation of risers or with ventilation collectors. It is possible to use the sanitary fixtures introduced at the design stage of the water supply sysyems, or to create a project in a new file. The required gradients in pipe-runs are automatically included in the installation model and in the design calculations. The further development of the module will provide the possibility of designing bypass ventilation.

The calculations, in addition to the balance of flows and the selection of diameters, also perform the automatic arrangement of pipe-runs of the network in accordance with the design gradient, taking into account also the limitations resulting from the geometry of the design elements. A list of pipes and fittings is generated. The drawing documentation includes plan views, an automatically generated schematic view of the installation and, optionally, a 3D model view. The model visualization may take into account the installations designed (or planned) in other modules of the InstalSystem 5 package, in particular in the water supply systems module.

See more in our video of what’s new in Publication 22.0:
InstalSystem 5 – Novelties in release 22.0

The new module is available in selected configurations (including a trial version) of the InstalSystem 5 package in the full InstalSoft version. See in which configurations of the full package the Sewage Installations module is available:
Price list

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InstalSmart application available in Google Play and App Store

With the 22.0 release, we have published a new – free InstalSmart mobile application, which allows you to quickly design floor heating systems based on neutral catalogs.

InstalSmart is a mobile application, to be used on smartphones and tablets, used to perform a quick project of an underfloor heating installation, including obtaining a list of elements used in the project. Projects created with the InstalSmart application can be sent to selected e-mail addresses (to the designer, investor, etc.), they can also be further edited using the InstalSystem 5 package.

The application is available in Polish, English and Chinese.

More information about InstalSmart here:
Products – InstalSmart

The application is available for iOS and Android.

See in which company versions the InstalSmart application is available. We encourage you to download and try the application:


InstalSystem-CERO System 5 IT - new software version, new databases

New software version of InstalSystem 5 package in Italian version is available.

New databases for Italian version of InstalSystem 5 software are available – C.E.R.O. System Srl / Solar Calor System for radiant systems.

1200px Wavin

InstalSystem-Wavin 5 GB - new software version

New software version of InstalSystem 5 package in English version is available.


Extension of Tweetop 5 PL package by Sewage systems

Tweetop 5 PL package has been extended by:

  • Sewage systems module.


Extension of TECE 5 LT package by Sewage systems

TECE 5 LT package has been extended by:

  • Sewage systems module.


New databases of Maincor products

New databases for German version of InstalSystem 5 software are available – Maincor radiant heating/cooling systems.


New databases of Uponor products

New databases for English, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian version of InstalSystem 5 software are available – Uponor Inox pipe and fitting for water supply systems.