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Over the years we have grown to be the leading company creating design supporting software for heating and sanitary engineering. Our products are intended directly for designers, as well as for companies active in the sector. We deliver something more that only design supporting software – we develop an integrated package of compatible applications which are a skilful combination of the best solutions with a modern technology and Internet communication. Never before have your products been supported in such a complex way in entering new markets, competing and succeeding. Our programs have become an essential work tool for professionals in many countries.

Our employees are the best asset of our company. Our team numbers about 30 persons, mainly sector engineers and computer scientists. The experienced team creates technology, which sets the trends in the CAE software.

Company presentation

You may learn more about our company from the presentation in PPS format.

Generation of programs working under MS-DOS operating system:

Historical screen

  • 1986 – software for calculating central heating systems
  • 1991 – software for calculating heat demand
  • 1994 – software for central heating systems with a semi-graphical editor for drawing schematic views of systems
  • Programs were available in Polish version.
First generation of programs working under MS Windows:
  • 1998 – software for central heating systems design
  • 1998 – software for profiles drawing of water supply and sewerage networks
  • 2000 - software for floor heating systems design, based on DIN 4725 standard
  • 2001 - software for water supply systems and hot water circulation design
  • Programs were available in Polish, English and Russian versions.
Second generation of programs working under MS Windows :

Historical screen

  • 2002 - software for the design of water supply and sewage networks on maps and profiles
  • 2003 – the new generation of programs package for heating systems
  • 2005 – the new generation of water supply systems design
  • 2008 – introduction of module for internal sewage systems design
  • Large-scale international distribution – many language versions.
  • 2012 - the beginning of development of international representatives network


Designing in 2D and 3D environment, mobile application:

Historical screen

  • 2017 – mobile application supporting designing of underfloor heating installations, integrated with desktop version of InstalSystem 5 package
  • 2017 – designing of heating and cooling installations in InstalSystem 5 package


InstalSoft - easy and professional designing

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