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We are looking for a Partner to represent us on local market as a General Distributor. The offer is valid for every market not covered by our distributors network yet. Please refer to Contact section.

The Distributor will be responsible for:

  • direct distribution of software among system designers,
  • providing technical support and trainings in scope of the software usage,
  • developing business contacts with local providers of components for heating and sanitary systems, in order to enter into cooperation in the area of their products maintenance in the software and provision of branded / company customized software version,
  • collaboration on software development and documentation thereof.

The Distributor income is based on profit-share solution. The income is made of provision on sales of all InstalSoft products on the target market.

This offer should be of particular interest to:

  • companies / individuals engaged in heating and/or sanitary systems design or consultancy services, for whom this may open up a new area of activities,
  • graduates of engineering colleges and universities specialising in the sector, as an interesting means of professional development,
  • companies trading in computer software for the civil engineering and construction sector, which have no competitive software in their offer.

For more details please contact us in English or Polish by email at

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