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Generation of programs working under MS-DOS operating system:

Historical screen

  • 1986 – software for calculating central heating systems
  • 1991 – software for calculating heat demand
  • 1994 – software for central heating systems with a semi-graphical editor for drawing schematic views of systems
  • Programs were available in Polish version.
First generation of programs working under MS Windows:
  • 1998 – software for central heating systems design
  • 1998 – software for profiles drawing of water supply and sewerage networks
  • 2000 - software for floor heating systems design, based on DIN 4725 standard
  • 2001 - software for water supply systems and hot water circulation design
  • Programs were available in Polish, English and Russian versions.
Second generation of programs working under MS Windows :

Historical screen

  • 2002 - software for the design of water supply and sewage networks on maps and profiles
  • 2003 – the new generation of programs package for heating systems
  • 2005 – the new generation of water supply systems design
  • 2008 – introduction of module for internal sewage systems design
  • Large-scale international distribution – many language versions.
  • 2012 - the beginning of development of international representatives network


Designing in 2D and 3D environment, mobile application:

Historical screen

  • 2017 – mobile application supporting designing of underfloor heating installations, integrated with desktop version of InstalSystem 5 package
  • 2017 – designing of heating and cooling installations in InstalSystem 5 package


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