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In the recent years, a vast majority of InstalSoft creative resources has been focused on creating and implementing the new InstalSystem 5 software package on the market. We are pleased to announce that this effort is showing positive results. Every day, more and more customized InstalSystem 5 software packages are becoming available, among which the InstalSoft (full) version.

We could manage such an ambitious project thanks to the stable and mature InstalSystem 4 software package, which has been on the market for 15 years! However, technology used to prepare the software along with time passing by have rendered possibilities of version 4 development and support very limited. Its current updates have been limited to changes in products databases and Partners’ contact data.

Ogrzewanie Promiennikowe

As the new generation – InstalSystem 5 – will be reaching functional capacity allowing it to fully replace version 4, updates of the InstalSystem 4 package are going to be gradually limited. Right now, we have reduced their frequency, so that version 4 updates are going to be released every 2 – 3 months.

Catalogues which are available in InstalSystem 4 are also available in the InstalSystem 5 package, which is going to gradually overtake the role of the primary software containing all up-to-date Partners’ product databases.

We would like to thank you for confiding your trust in us. We are certain that getting acquainted with the InstalSystem 5 package and with its further development, both our Partners and software Users will take advantage of all the novelties that InstalSystem 5 offers with growing satisfaction.

InstalSoft Team

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