modul bazowy

Base module

  • List of elements displayed in window Project browser ia automatically adapted to currently edited edit scope
  • Catalogues window - tabs have been replaced by more precise catalogue filters
  • Window 3D view - possibility to display edges of the elements (available under the button Show edges/Hide edges in section View)
  • The ability to generate rooms, whose whole area is located in another room
systemy chlodnicze

Heating systems/ Cooling systems

  • Settings from tab have been moved to tabs: Distribution system-Types and default data and Radiators-Radiators/Radiator valves - types and default data (tab has been removed)
straty ciepla

Heat loss

  • Enabling module Thermal calculations of building automatically switches common project setting: Method of calculating Φ into variant Calculated acc. to coefficient
  • Enabled correction of room internal temperature (θi,H) of standard room types
systemy plaszczyznowe

Radiant systems

  • Manifold can be placed on a drawing in horizontal position or with upward outlet ports (configuration via new field in data table Orientation)
  • In the tab Additional options in General data window Specific market options has been added - possibility to choose the method of the calculation without a surplus to flow rate for compensation of heat flow to the other side of the Heating-cooling surface
systemy panelowe

Panel systems

  • Data table window of element Wall panel/Ceiling panel - Δpmax field has been added thus enabling control of maximum pressure drop in single panel or set of panels in serial connection
instalacje wodociagowe

Tap water systems

  • Water supply installations designing module - availability depending on package