modul bazowy

Base module

  • When inserting an opening in a sloping roof plane, the "z" coordinates of corner points are determined automatically
  • In the Storeys management window, the values Storey elevation and Storey height are editable, and the complement each other for adjacent stories
  • For the top floor, Elevation of roof top property has been added, the change of which corrects the height of that floor
  • The option of distinguishing the style and label of a "manual" room (drawn directly) from "automatic" (generated automatically based on the arrangement of walls and slabs) has been introduced
  • When drawing elements "roof edge", Opening in roofDormer in AUTO mode, snapping to DWG base elements is carried out
  • In the calculations of the building structure, Overlapping walls or incorrectly connected walls diagnostics was introduced. The contested elements are indicated in the graphical editor
  • In the Settings tab, sub-tab: Screen appearance, checkbox Disable advanced presentation of transparency on 3D' has been added. Checking can make it easier to work on computers with weaker graphics cards
  • The 'Position tab has been added to the configuration of element label styles, where you can specify the default position of the label relative to the parent
systemy grzewcze

Heating systems

  • Automatic schematic view of installation - new functionality available - BETA version
  • The Boiler element was introduced as one of the possible properties of the element Source in the field Graphical presentation
  • Enabled declaration of dimensions of Terminal unit element from 1 cm
systemy plaszczyznowe

Radiant systems

  • Ergonomy of corrections of pipe loops and pipe feeds drawings generated automatically and drawn manually has been improved
  • New criterion of pipe feeds arrangement -AUTO- has been added to Pipe feeds route tool
systemy panelowe

Panel systems

  • In the general data and in the data table of the element Ceiling panels zone the possibility of declaration of automatic placement of adjacent rows of panels in the zone with mutual offset has been introduced
instalacje wodociagowe

Tap water systems

  • For sanitary appliances, it is possible to declare the frame
  • A declaration of default manifold types has been introduced in the general data