modul bazowy

Base module

  • Change of the program architecture to 64-bit. That means there is a possibility to use all of the computer's RAM available. Previous publications, which were in 32-bit architecture, could only use 4GB of RAM
  • Improvements in the program performance:
    - faster response to switching between two types of elements Worksheet
    - faster loading of 3D view content
    - faster opening of files containing DWG/DXF underlay
    - reduced time of Computation of building structure
    - reduced time of Thermal calculations of building
  • Improvements of the algorithm which creates Automatic schematic view of installation
  • New diagnostic messages related to the function Automatic schematic view of installation.
    The contested elements are indicated in the graphic editor
  • New graphic presentation of the Endpoint for schematic view
  • Symbols of the element Starting point are generated automatically after using the function Generate for Automatic schematic view of installation
  • Selection of item Fragment of installation on Sheet type: Schematic view references to item Endpoint on Sheet type: Plan view
  • New hints on Status Bar informing about active keys during insertion of the elements
  • Improved AUTO mode and ORTO mode for drawing of building structure
  • Possibility to edit Roof element on 3D view
  • Possibility to define roof slope with automatic calculation of elevation of ordinates for Roof
  • Dormers are included in calculations of Room cubic capacity
  • Change in organization of Ribbon in Construction section:
    - Buttons are sorted in order of recommended path of use for building structure designing
    - Button Automatic walls, slabs and roofs moved to the Construction section
  • New diagnostic related to wall connections after using Automatic walls, slabs and roofs function, informing about detected irregularities
  • New Component styles 2D and 3D on Construction scope supporting the design and verification of the building structure
  • New tool Correction of wall geometry enables automatic correction of building structure by using functions:
    Correct wall connections
    Correct wall thickness, enables getting the same walls thickness in entire project
    Correct angles of the walls, enables the correction of parallelism / perpendicularity of walls relative to each other
    Correct position between storeys, enables the correction of the position and displacement of walls between storeys with the possibility of indicating a reference storey
    Tool is available on Ribbon in Construction section
  • New, precise diagnostic messages for Computation of building structure , facilitate correct edition of the building structure
  • Improvement of diagnostic message: Overlapping walls or incorrectly connected walls - messages are grouped and there is more precise indication of walls affecting incorrect Computation of building structure
  • Possibility of more accurate location of the Reference point element because of more accurate impact of AUTO mode for snapping to DWG underlays elements (also axis)
  • New Multi-storey room marker in label
systemy grzewcze

Heating systems

  • Added Automatic labels for Pipe-runs in Starting point (thermal installations) data
straty ciepla

Heat loss

  • The user interface was changed in the scope of specific data of rooms and building units, unifying it with other program modules. Special editors have been left for cooling partitions in rooms and for partition definitions
  • Improvements in Thermal calculations of building based on a properly defined building structure
instalacje wodociagowe

Tap water systems

  • The possibility of calculations according to the EN 806-3 standard
  • Automatic schematic view of installation - new functionality available - BETA version