modul bazowy

Base module

  • Improvements in the program performance:
    - Faster response to group selection of the elements
    - Smoother work with 3D view window
    - Acceleration of : Automatic walls, slabs and roofs and Correction of wall geometry functions
  • If a high-performance graphics card (not integrated with the motherboard or with the processor) is detected in the hardware configuration, it is set as active for the InstalSystem 5 program. This eliminates problems with the stability and performance of the application resulting from the lower performance of the integrated graphics card
  • PDF files exported by the program now have a vector structure, which allowed to significantly reduce their size
  • The front side of some elements is marked when selecting the element in the plan view - helps to obtain correct Automatic schematic view of installation
  • Automatic generation of flat roofs (watch the video)
  • Support for creating a building structure and designing installations in buildings with multiple series of storeys (with mutually shifted floor levels) by: (watch the video)
    - Possibility to display the Building contour element on another series of storeys (new field Show on other storeys). This allows for the correct generation of structural partitions (walls and ceilings) after calling the Automatic walls, slabs and roofs function
    - Possibility of dividing the Slab element and quick convertion into the Roof
    - Possibility to combine parts of the installation on different series of storeys using the Riser element (with the Show on other storeys option and the option to hide the Riser element in the printout)
    - Printout on one sheet two storeys, using the Additional storey field available for the Printout pages element
  • Opening in wall element has been given a new option of connecting rooms by Merge rooms checkbox, available in Data table window (watch the video)
  • Extended descriptions of the functions on the ribbon for the Construction edit scope (watch the video)
  • Presentation of product catalog codes at the stage of editing general data and data of elements (watch the video)
  • Standard logo of the manufacturer distributing the given corporate version of the InstalSystem 5 package presented in tabular printouts can be replaced with the user's logo, e.g. of a design office (watch the video)
  • Automatic schematic view of installation: rearrangement of the sections and fields in Data table for Starting point
systemy chlodnicze

Heating systems / Cooling systems

  • New elements: single manifold, pipe-run No-flowSafety valve
  • The Terminal unit element has been given a new option to define a default distance from the floor, separately for each storey
  • Elements: Mixer / Pump unit and Hydraulic control loop
    - Possibility to choose the level of detail in presentation of these elements separately on individual views: 2D, 3D and schematic view (watch the video)
    - Possibility to define the dimensions of these elements on Automatic schematic view of installation sheet regardless of the dimentions on 2D/3D views (watch the video)
    - New fields: Default width of mixers / control/mixing units and Default height of mixers / control/mixing units in Data table for Starting point allows to define default dimensions of these elements on a particular Automatic schematic view of installation sheet
straty ciepla

Heat loss

  • Calculations of the heat load of the building in accordance with ÖNORM EN 12831 + H-7500-1
  • Optimization of the Thermal calculations of building algorithm, what may reduce time of the calculations
systemy plaszczyznowe

Radiant systems

  • Two-parameter manifolds, integrating the high- and low- temperature part and the mixing unit (watch the video)
  • New template of manifold chart, dedicated to industrial systems
  • New checkbox Hide systems from catalogues different than the manifold
  • Acceleration of the supply temperature optimization algorythm, what may reduce time of the calculations
rozszerzenia obliczen instalacji wodociagowych

Tap water extensions

  • Three-way mixing valves, reducing the temperature of hot water (watch the video)