modul bazowy

Base module

  • Mode Dark and Mode Light - the ability to switch between two modes (Settings - Screen appearance) for the application (watch the movie)
  • New element Curtain Wall for the range Construction - Inserts a vertical curtain wall having thermal, visual and functional functions: (watch the video)
    • Ability to manually insert an item from the toolbar
    • Possibility to interpret the ifcCurtainWall element from IFC2x3 and IFC4 files to the native Curtain Wall element
    • Ability to convert the Wall element to the Curtain Wall element (and vice versa) from the Data table window
    • Dedicated Element style: default Thickness, appearance for 2D editor3D view
    • Improved way of connecting elements Wall with Curtain Wall for correct visualization (transverse walls, structural columns)
    • IFC4 export of Curtain Wall element to ifcCurtainWall
  • New function Trim slab (by roof element) in section Slab/Opening - Trims the outer part of the slab element with the roof element after selecting these elements: (watch the movie)
    • The elements Slab and Roof, which intersect each other are diagnosed and listed
  • Possibility to enable visualization of the area in the room defined by the Floor thickness and False ceiling fields for 3D view: (watch the movie)
    • Possibility to define the degree of darkening of the area (General data - Component styles - Room)
  • Expansion of the diagnostics of the operation Automatic walls, slabs and roofs - incorrectly defined areas of the Room and Building contour elements are diagnosed and listed
  • Snap mode (AUTO) for Room and Building contour in view mode Shadow of a storey above / Shadow of a storey below for the same objects in 2D editor
  • The condition of having to completely cover (with its entire area) the vertical walls with the element has been loosened (the solid tightness condition must be maintained in order to generate the Room (Automatic) element)
  • The function Correct wall connections in the Correction of wall geometry window corrects the intersecting walls indicated in the Diagnostics window (e.g. from structure interpretation from IFC files) (watch the movie)
  • New option Riser determines direction of schematic view. For the selected option, the laying direction of branches on the schematic view takes into account the viewpoint indicator (the front of the element) of the Riser. Program locates the branches departing from the Riser on the appropriate side of the Riser. Control of the option is available in the Data table for the item Starting point
  • Possibility to generate schematic views of installations with virtual connections to heating and cooling zones
  • Improved operation of Generate schematic view algorithm
  • Correct connection of the pipe-runs to vertical pipe-runs within one storey without the need to use the Riser
  • Ability to impose dimensions in Data table for Rectangle and Ellipse elements
  • The new window Elements layers allows to control the scope of elements exported to DWG / DXF formats, generally at the level of entire editing ranges, and more specifically at the level of individual elements
  • The new Prefix for layers option allows to give an individual prefix to layers created by InstalSystem 5 and exported to DWG format
  • Possibility to choose the option Export labels as blocks or Export labels as basic elements for drawings exported to DWG / DXF format
  • The exported drawings to the dwg / dxf formats contain all the graphics. Elements such as LogoStructure cross section drawingManifold tableMixer / control unit chart are currently not exported to separate files when exporting
IFC interpretacja danych budynku

IFC (BIM) building data interpretation

  • Support for import and interpretation of Curtain Wall element (see more Base module) (watch the movie)
  • Optimizing the interpretation of IFC elements to native InstalSoft elements:
    • Improved interpretation (Creates walls from an IFC file function)
    • Improved interpretation (Creates roofs from an IFC file function)
    • Support for interpretation (Creates windows, doors, and wall openings from an IFC file function) of the Roof window element
    • Diagnostics of ifcWall diamond-shaped interpretation, the Diagnostics window indicates elements that have not been interpreted
eksport instalacji grzewczej i chlodzacej IFC

IFC (BIM) building structure elements export / IFC (BIM) heating/cooling system export / IFC (BIM) tap water system export

  • Support for exporting the Curtain Wall element (see more Base module) (watch the movie)
  • Parameterization of the IFC4 export of pipe-run(s) from the scope Heating systemsCooling systemsWater supply systems. The Pipe-run element is exported together with:
    • Technical parameters
    • Catalogue code element
    • Calculation parameters
  • Added the filtering condition for the export of elements to IFC4 in the IFC file export - Elements layers window:
    • Automatic selection / deselection of elements that are common to another scope of the project
    • Depending on the configuration of the license for precise control of the actually exported items
  • Optimization of the result files for the selected Export labels to IFC file function
systemy grzewcze

Heating systems

  • Pipe-run type may be added to the results in the label of the Pipe-run, as in the Tap water systems module
  • Distance from floor or Elevation may be added to the labels of the following elements: ManifoldMixerTerminal unitRadiatorExpansion vesselLow loss headerSourceHydraulic control loopFlat station
  • Element Buffer tank, connected in a similar way as a Low loss header
  • In the data sheet of Radiator, the field Anchor has been added, allowing to select a point that does not change position after sizing
  • New division in List of radiators, taking into account the side of the radiator connection (connection - right/left/other)
straty ciepla

Heat loss

  • New type of partition Curtain wall / plate (see more Base module) (watch the movie)
  • Improvements by Part. with defined layers: (watch the video)
    • Possibility to sort building materials in the area of ​​columns by their properties
    • Improvement of the building materials search engine and moving it to the bottom of the window
  • Define in (General data - Heat losses data) the field Minimum area of thermal partition to be included in calculations: (watch the video)
    • Diagnostics of partitions (in the rank of Hints), which were automatically unchecked for the field Consider in calculations
    • New Element style for partitions not included in calculations for 2D editor and 3D view (range H&E(T))
  • Possibility of sorting thermal partitions in the area of ​​columns by their properties (e.g. VaUΦT), which participate in determining the load for the Room element in the H&E window (watch the movie)
  • Improvement of the algorithm that automatically creates thermal partitions from structural elements (especially the element in relation to vertical walls, the thermal model of arch walls has improved)
systemy plaszczyznowe

Radiant systems

  • Improvements of Interactive radiant systems calculations window (watch video):
    • Prompt results recalculation after deltaT (temperature drop in a loop) modification
    • Presentation of manifolds in the tree in the left part of the window
    • Presentation of settings on manifolds (on valves/flowmeters)
    • Presentation of coverings
  • Ability to configure the contents of the Manifold table element, by selecting or deselecting items in the lists in it's data table
  • Possibility to search for Heating/Cooling area or Heating/Cooling Zone elements by the value of the Type field, e.g. Without pipes
instalacje wodociagowe

Tap water systems

  • Element Priority valve
  • Distance from floor or Elevation can be added to the labels of the following elements: ManifoldExpansion vessel, SourceHeaterFlat stationPressure boosting deviceMixing valve
instalacje kanalizacyjne dostepny wkrotce

Sewage systems

  • Publication of the first version of the commercial module Sewage systems, covering the design of gravity sewage systems for domestic use. This version allows you to design installations with direct stack ventilation and ventilation manifolds. Bypass ventilation is scheduled to be introduced in future publications as a free update. Also, the next publications will introduce full control over the configuration of the pipe-run nodes, i.e. where they are connected (watch the video)


  • New, redesigned and refreshed look / interface of the application:
    • Adapted to smartphones and tablets
    • Scalable for different screen sizes
    • Support for vertical and horizontal layout
    • Significantly improved ergonomics in terms of buttons, icons, defining / entering / correcting input data, visibility and accessibility to specific application functions
  • New neutral application InstalSmart adapted to the market: DE, EN, PL, FR, BG, RU, SI, HR, HU, RO, AT, UA. The application is available for Android and iOS