modul bazowy

Base module

Presentation of the elements, common functions:

  • Improved rotation function for perpendicular pipe-run's label
  • In the company versions requiring the usage of a minimum amount of manufacturer's pipes, a notification icon is visible in the catalogue selection window, which has a hint indicating the required shares of such pipes
  • Vector PDF Drawing/underlay support: (watch the video)
    • In the PDF Data Table, it is now possible to choose a method between: Vector method (default choice for new projects created since release 24.0) and Bitmap method (default choice for projects created before 24.0 release)
    • AUTO mode support for Vector PDF underlays
    • Available options for controlling the Colors for layers and Visible Layers parameters, Layers for AUTO mode (when the program recognizes such a possibility)
    • Support for Move underlay function
    • The first loading of a PDF underlay scales the 2D editor to the size of the underlay
  • View manipulator (next to the navigation cube) for 3D view, which allows you to rotate the view without changing its angle
  • Acceleration of turning off/on storeys in 3D view
  • Speeding up group selection of elements using the "Project Browser" window
  • Ability to search and group/ungroup selected diagnostic messages ('Settings' window, 'Messages' tab)
  • Improved export to DWG

Building structure:

  • New building elements view for the Project Browser which: (watch the video)
    • Lists and groups all structural elements existing in the project
    • Allows them to be easily hidden, made visible, selected
    • Presents basic information about elements allowing their identification
  • Diagnostics that graphically (2D editor, 3D view) and text (Diagnostics window) recognizes suspicious situations of horizontal partitions that are the reason for not closing/not recognizing the automatic room (watch the video)
  • Diagnostics of incorrect Opening in slab: (watch the video)
    • Warning for situations like - openings exceed the contour of the room/openings entering the walls
    • Error for the situation of the type - overlapping of opening edges, opening edge is tangential to the slab edge, opening extending beyond the slab contour
  • Dormer is inserted as a flat dormer by default
  • Changed the rank of It has been detected that wall may not be in contact with roof or slab. Probably room was not generated diagnostic from Hint to Warning
  • Shortening the names of selected fields in the Data table of selected structural elements
  • Optimization of connecting and disconnecting multi-story walls (moving walls when connecting walls on different storeys)
  • Optimization of the Automatic walls, slabs and roofs function in terms of generating thin walls representing, for example, a Curtain Wall element
  • Join roofs and Join slabs functions that combine multiple roofs/slabs on a given storey into one element after selecting these elements (see more IFC (BIM) interpretation of building data)
  • New functions for Corrections of wall geometry (see more IFC (BIM) building data interpretation)
  • As a result of optimizing the algorithm, the calculation time of the building structure was significantly reduced in some cases (even by several dozen percent)
IFC import bazowy

IFC (BIM) import basis

  • Project browser for IFC - Segregation mode by IFC Type, the program allows you to switch between the following modes: Full view, Simplified view, Types view (new)
  • The Search window for the Underlay scope displays descriptions of IFC objects
  • The IFC object Data table displays all object data and parameters that go with these objects. The Data table creates an automatic view of parameters by their category (e.g. Location & Geometry, Pset_)
  • 3D length measure/dimension line tool for IFC models which has AUTO mode for edges of IFC objects
  • The first load of an IFC model scales the 2D editor and 3D view to the size of the IFC model


The news described for this module are presented in the video available on the YouTube Global channel - SEE VIDEO

IFC interpretacja danych budynku

IFC (BIM) building data interpretation

  • Automatic recognition of storeys by the function Create storeys from IFC file correctly recognizes the situation with a sloping roof
  • When interpreting the ifcSlab/ifcRoof objects, the program informs and, if possible, merges the objects into one, creating a Slab with the correct openings and a Roof with its appropriate edges
  • Correction of wall geometry has been extended with functions supporting the processing of IFC models:
    • Align walls to storey elevations function with the possibility of defining tolerance
    • Ability to Merge walls tangents in parallel (BETA)
  • Regenerate solid of the room function available under the right mouse button for 2D editor/3D view - allows you to align selected rooms recognized on the ifcSpace basis to the storey elevations


The news described for this module are presented in the video available on the YouTube Global channel - SEE VIDEO

eksport konstrukcji budynku dostepny wkrotce

IFC (BIM) building structure elements export / IFC (BIM) heating/cooling system export / IFC (BIM) tap water system export / IFC (BIM) sewage system export

  • Expansion of the IFC file export window with the Coordinates transformation field, the user can choose to export the installation/structure to the IFC4 format:
    • Neglecting transformation - selection None
    • Performing an export based on the coordinates of the selected IFC model (default selection)
    • By specifying the values imposed by defining the xyz coordinate shift
  • Possibility to export insulation (Lagging) to IFC4 format
    • Elements are sub-elements of the given IfcPipeSegment element to which the Lagging belongs
    • Export performed according to the defined insulation style for 3D view
    • It is possible to disable the export insulations from the Element layer level
systemy grzewcze

Heating systems

  • Possibility of presentation on 2D and 3D view pipes insulation (lagging)
  • Increased tolerance for generating a message that the parameters of the differential pressure regulator do not match the needs
  • Rules for the calculation of pressure drops in T-pieces harmonized with the water supply module
  • Raising the priority of the message "The controller delivers too low differential pressure XXX kPa for a circuit requiring YYY kPa" from warning to error
systemy chlodnicze

Cooling systems

  • Possibility of presentation on 2D and 3D view pipes insulation (lagging)
  • Raising the priority of the message "The controller delivers too low differential pressure XXX kPa for a circuit requiring YYY kPa" from warning to error"
straty ciepla

Heat loss

  • Correct generation of internal and external thermal walls included in heat transmission calculations in case of roof slopes at different levels
  • Possibility of printing or exporting the ventilation air flow diagram presented in the 'H&E(V)' edit scope
  • New folder favorite in building materials catalogs
  • Improvements of marking partitions in the H&E window by moving the magnifying glass next to the column of selection/modification the partition definition
  • Assigning partition definitions to the logical partition model is also performed during Computation of building structure, allowing faster relapses in the case of changes in the building structure without the need to perform Full calculations including Computation of building structure and Thermal calculations of building each time
  • Further development, improvements and corrections for DIN/TS 12831-1:2020-04 (BETA)
dobor grzejnikow

Radiators sizing

  • Possibility of exclusion of sub-folders (e.g. selected thicknesses or heights) or indicated radiator sizes from the sizing. For this, the option "user tables" should be selected
  • Possibility to differentiate the size limits for bathroom radiators and other radiators. The values are located on two separate tabs
  • In the data table of the left and right integrated radiators, in the selection list for the "Anchor" field, the option "Centre" is also available for selection
systemy plaszczyznowe

Radiant systems

  • Improved drawings of pipe loops around openings cut for poles, kitchen islands, etc.
  • the internal error appearing at the connection of pipe feeds with the heating/cooling loop has been eliminated
ulozenie plyt systemu suchego

Dry system boards arrangement

  • When copying a group of selected boards, pressing the TAB key moves the snap point along the outer points of the copied set
  • Using the F3 function key to insert another board remembers not only the type of previously used board, but also the previously indicated snap point and the orientation of the board
  • The "Room charts" printout presents also the layout of the dry system boards in the room
stacje mieszkaniowe

Flat stations

    • Two new methods of sizing network supplying flat stations: DIN 4708 and VDI 2072
instalacje wodociagowe

Tap water systems

  • Possibility of presentation on 2D and 3D view pipes insulation (lagging)
  • The sanitary appliances library includes double and group washbasins, as well as WC variants with different outlet directions
  • Values for the "Zeta" coefficients of the tees in neutral catalogues comply with DIN 1988-300
instalacje kanalizacyjne dostepny wkrotce

Domestic wastewater gravity systems

  • The sanitary appliances library includes double and group washbasins, as well as WC variants with different outlet directions
  • Possibility of inserting a "Running trap" element to the pipe-runs, either in the projection, model or automatic schematic view. The element type must be selected from the catalogue before calculation, as it can be realized with various fittings
  • Possibility of creating stacks with deviations (between different floors), required due to the geometry of the building or the need to slow down the sewage in high buildings (watch the video)
  • Improved visualisation of fittings in pipe-run nodes, in the case of tees with different angles
  • New variants of stacks with bypass ventilation
  • Improvement of the control of the connection points of waste branch / common waste branch to the wastewater gravity system
przetwarzanie zestawienia materialow

Material list processing

  • Products marked in the catalogue as "any manufacturer" can be excluded from the export of the bill of materials.


  • Since publication 24.0, the mobile application is supported by systems Android 9.0 and later