From log in moment on our company website’s, InstalSoft server saves short text files on users hard drive – It name is cookie. By them we can identify users everytime when they log to our website’s. Also we can see which subpages of our website users visited last. Cookie file’s are reliable. It can’t be used as a code, they don’t transport viruses and users personal informations can’t be downloaded. We use Cookies for this goals:

  • to have users personal informations ( which we save on our servers) to give them access to parts of website’s that are dedicated for registered or choosed users,
  • to check efficiency of progress of our on-line service,
  • for diagnostic statistics of www service.

Of course users have chance to choose. By changing browser settings users can declare if cookie files have to be always accepted , not accepted or if users have to be notified about saving cookie files on your hard drive. If users reject all cookies they risk to lose Chance to use service or to take part in entertainments Instalsoft company on our website’s.