Offer for Partners

Our offer is addressed to producers of whole systems and their components used during installation of heating, cooling, sanitary and sewage systems. InstalSoft offers unique support of its Partners’ business with its advanced possibilities of customizing InstalSoft databases and programs, along with complex dimensioning of MEP & HVAC elements for a designed system. Thanks to flexible and automated internal processes, we offer a great array of program customization possibilities and of program language versions, even in case of a small-scale cooperation!

Let us surprise you how easy and comfortable it may be to initiate cooperation and what a great amount of possibilities of its enhancement the InstalSoft products portfolio offers! Ask for a free, dedicated offer based on the analysis of your company’s assortment and needs!

Catalogues/database of Partners' products in the InstalSoft programs:

  • Guarantee of continuous catalogue update – elements used in the program will always be in accordance with the Partner’s up-to-date offer.
  • Presence of catalogues in our programs means wide-scale promotion of the Partner’s systems and products. You do not need to have your own customized software version to gain profits from maintaining your catalogues, as they are present in various configurations of the software, e.g. in the full InstalSoft version!
  • Assortment of products maintained in catalogues destined for various markets may be unified or diversified in any possible way, according to the Partner’s needs.
  • EN-international catalogues (English language version, international assortment), with no additional payment, may be available not only in the EN program versions but also in all other 20 market versions offered by InstalSoft!

More information on catalogues data in the InstalSoft programs:

Check our Catalogues

Partners' customized software versions:

  • Available in amounts ranging from a couple of licences for internal use only to a mass distribution among external designers.
  • Program graphic customization – Partner’s graphic design (corporate identity colours, logo, program names, …).
  • Full control on modules available in the program.
  • Possibility to extend one’s customized software version with new computational modules at any moment of cooperation.
  • Possibility to deliver the program in various markets (currently, InstalSystem 5 is already available in 24 market versions).
    Possibility to transfer project files between market versions.
  • Catalogue configuration of the programs, apart from the Partner’s databases, may contain all necessary neutral products as well as specific products of non-competitive parties to the Partner, so that the program may perform complete calculations and ensure software attractiveness towards designers.
  • More information on our programs:

offering customized software versions and catalogues

The list includes partners – manufacturers or distributors of products for MEP & HVAC systems (heating, cooling, and sanitary) – maintaining catalogs in programs or having their own corporate versions of InstalSoft software.

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Many Partners from various countries have already trusted us!