Catalogue databases for InstalSoft programs are separate files containing technical, graphical and descriptive data of products – elements of the designed installations, which may be subject to dimensioning and calculations in the programs. Such catalogues also contain information on relations between elements, that is to say data on conditions defining mutual pairing of dimensioning elements, required accessories for a given element etc.

Catalogues include assortment of a given producer or of a given mark (partner’s catalogues) or general no-name products (neutral catalogues).

During project preparation, the program uses catalogues and data therein on various stages of work:

icon okreslania danych

definition of general data and predefined types

The user has the ability to precisely declare a default catalogue type for all elements of an installation. At this stage, the choice of options that will prevail in the project eliminates the necessity to define data for each element separately and, as an effect, facilitates project management as well as augments working ergonomics

icon okreslania typu

definition of catalogue type or dimension for given elements

It is also possible to impose dimensions of a given element (e.g. pipe dimensions, terminal unit dimensions) for one element or for a chosen group of elements (data different than default)

icon calculator

while making calculations

During calculations, the program, taking into consideration all declared system parameters and used elements, selects from the catalogue all necessary technical data in order to perform dimensioning and all installation calculations. It allows performing complete calculations, element dimensioning and installation balancing without forcing the user to declare specific element data, which takes a great amount of time

icon generowanie wynikow

generation of results and printouts

A complete set of materials with amounts, short description and graphical presentation of all selected and dimensioned products is prepared

Particular data on elements available in catalogues and on catalogue project usage possibilities are to be found in descriptions of particular catalogue types.

InstalSystem (internal systems):

  • Filters and fittings (for heating and sanitary systems)
  • Radiators
  • Insulations (pipeline insulation lags)
  • Media (installation refilling agents)
  • Mixers (for heating installations)
  • Heating/cooling panels (walls, ceilings)
  • Whiteware and taps
  • Manifolds (for heating and sanitary systems)
  • Pipes and fittings (for heating, sanitary and sewage systems)
  • Flat stations
  • Sanitary cisterns
  • Radiant systems (complete floor, wall and ceiling systems)
  • Hydraulic nodes (for heating systems)
  • Valves (for heating and sanitary systems)

NetSystem (external systems):

  • Pipelines, wells, pumping stations (sanitary / sewage systems)