For some time already, we have been reducing our activity concerning the InstalSystem 4 package. The new generation of our product – InstalSystem 5 – is becoming more and more elaborated, has got a still growing number of users, and it is getting acknowledged by the market. For these reasons, changes regarding version 4 have stepped up – at the turn of March and April 2020, the final general update for version 4 has been released.

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This means that modifications of catalogue products performed via InstalSystem package updates, will be available only in the new version 5. It does not concern, however, catalogues which are not supported by version 5 yet (e.g. sewage systems) – in their case, all necessary modifications will still be released for version 4. All InstalSystem 4 software packages may still be used and will have access to the catalogue range as released with the last general update.

On this occasion, we would like to remind you that upgrade to version 5, granted for a given InstalSystem 4 package licence, gives you possibility to work with version 5 while maintaining possibility of further use of version 4! For such a reason, we strongly encourage you to begin working with InstalSystem 5 and to introduce yourself into the newest generation while continuously working with version 4 in cases, in which it is necessary or more convenient. We are convinced that after having known better all InstalSystem 5 functionalities, you will use no program but ours!

We encourage you to have a look at our training materials: