Some time ago, we have informed you about limitation of InstalSystem 4 update frequency and its gradual replacement with the InstalSystem 5 package. The time has come to make another step, that is to say to release the final general update of the InstalSystem 4 package. As for today, we are planning to publish the last update at the end of March 2020.

Lack of new updates does not mean that there will be no further possibility to work with the InstalSystem 4 package. It will still be possible to use the package in the state rendered with the aforementioned, final update. On this occasion, we would also like to emphasize that upgrade of a licence from version 4 to version 5 grants access to version 5 while maintaining possibility to use version 4 at the same time!

Catalogues available in the InstalSystem 4 packages are also available in the InstalSystem 5 packages, so you will still have access to fully updated catalogues, and it will be possible to deliver them to the designers on the market. Further updates and amendments for catalogues which are not supported yet by version 5 (e.g. sewage systems) will be released for version 4 until InstalSystem 5 is ready to operate them.

We are truly convinced that after you get to know all the InstalSystem 5 possibilities, you will want to use no program but ours!

We encourage you to have a look at our training materials: