The ‘IFC (BIM) import basis’ module allows you to import various objects of the IFC4 and IFC2x3 class (in the field of structures, installations and others), without their interpretation. It is possible to load multiple models at the same time. Objects are visible both for 2D Editor and 3D Viewer. Managing the imported model is possible thanks to the dedicated Project Browser and information visible in the Data Table. Objects from the model can be selected or hidden. They are also visible to the SNAP function when editing the remaining ranges in the 2D Editor. Models (as a whole) can be deleted or re-imported.

Models loaded with this module can be interpreted in terms of the building structure (see ‘IFC (BIM) building data interpretation’). The model geometry itself can serve as an underlay for installations designed in InstalSystem 5, without the need for interpretation. Working with the use of the model also allows to detect collisions of objects present in the IFC with the installation objects designed in InstalSystem 5. IFC models may be exported to DXF/DWG and PDF formats.