We are pleased to announce the addition of a new module to the expanded InstalSystem 5 package. The “Rainwater gravity systems” module in its first published version enables the effective design of rainwater gravity systems intended for efficient drainage of rainwater from roofs and the surroundings of buildings.

Our module offers an intuitive graphical editing, making it easy to create rainwater installation projects. As a result, engineers and designers can focus on the optimal placement of pipes, fittings, and other elements, ensuring efficient rainwater drainage. The module also allows for the selection of appropriate pipe diameters, guaranteeing proper water flow and minimizing the risk of blockages.

While creating a rainwater installation project, a precise 3D model is generated, which allows users to continuously control compliance with the expected condition. This makes it possible to quickly adjust the project to any changes or specific terrain conditions. Additionally, the visualization of the model can also include installations designed or being designed within other modules of the InstalSystem 5 package, allowing for the coherence of the rainwater installation project with other installation systems.

Our module not only facilitates the design process but also provides a comprehensive material summary. As a result, investors and contractors have full control over the necessary materials, translating into the efficiency of the construction process.

The full version of the module is planned for release 27.0 of the InstalSystem 5 package. It will be available in selected configurations, including a trial version. We invite you to follow our news and visit our online store, where you can purchase the InstalSystem 5 package in the selected configuration.

See more in our video presenting the novelties in publication 26.0:
InstalSystem 5 – Novelties in release 26.0

The new module is available in selected configurations (including a trial version) of the full InstalSoft version of the InstalSystem 5 package. See which configurations of the full package the Sewerage Installations module is available in: