modul bazowy

Base module

  • Ability to limit the range of visible stories in the 3D view to those with selected elements
  • Quick switch between visible stories in the 3D view
  • Distance measurement in a 3D view (for the result to be correct, set the view to one of the perpendicular to the planes of the coordinate system)
  • Ability to set the background style in the 3D view (Settings - Screen appearance)
  • Improvements to the Dormer element by:
    • possibility of replacing the walls of the Dormer element with the walls of the building in order to properly model its subpartitions
    • blocking the possibility of moving the walls of the Dormer element automatically generated
    • improvement of the visualization of the walls of the Dormer element in the 2D editor window, which makes it easier to change their thickness
  • Improvements to the Automatic walls, slabs and roofs function by:
    • reduction of the amount of walls with similar thickness generated in a series
    • improvement of wall generation and connections between them
    • generation of single-story walls for a multi-story Building contour element, which facilitates copying repeatable stories
  • Improvements in manual division of the structural wall in the horizontal and vertical arrangement within a given storey, which allows for an analogous division of thermal partitions
  • Improvement of the drawing and joining functions Pipe-runPipe-runs pair
  • Improvement of the Check connections function
  • The Generate schematic view function works separately for the project scopes: Heating and cooling systems and Water supply systems
  • Distinction of the icon on the ribbon for project scopes: Heating and cooling systems and Water supply systems
  • Easier access to Automatic schematic view of installation worksheets by separating a separate branch for worksheets with schematic views into project scopes: Heating and cooling systems and Water supply systems
  • Improved operation of Generate schematic view algorithm for variants available for the Starting point element in the Presented on schematic view field
  • Improving program performance by speeding up the Generate schematic view operation
  • Updating product catalogs
IFC import bazowy

IFC (BIM) import basis

  • New edit scope visibility mode named: Visible when inactive (only edges). Displays the edges on the IFC model, facilitating further analysis when interpreting IFC objects into structural elements further used to create a thermal model
  • Ability to display the object ifcSpace in the 2D editor and 3D view windows, which facilitates the analysis of the IFC model and the outline of rooms
  • New search criteria in the Search window for the Underlay edit scope: ifcSpaceifcPlateifcMember
IFC interpretacja danych budynku

IFC (BIM) building data interpretation

  • Improvements in the operation of the Create storeys between selected slabs/roofs from IFC file function, in the case of a storey limited by sloping roofs
eksport konstrukcji budynku dostepny wkrotce

IFC (BIM) building structure elements export

eksport instalacji grzewczej i chlodzacej IFC

IIFC (BIM) building structure elements export / IFC (BIM) heating/cooling system export / IFC (BIM) tap water system export

  • New, dedicated IFC file export window allows for:
    • include or exclude element labels from export
    • precise determination of the scope of exported elements
    • determination of basic data about the exported IFC model (s)
    • selection of worksheets to be exported and determination of the number of the resulting IFC files
  • IFC models can be exported in an iterative way according to the BIM process
  • File conversion is not required to obtain the IFC model (component data may not be complete)
systemy chlodnicze

Heating systems / Cooling systems

  • New thermostatic connection sets for bathroom and decorative radiators
  • New Outlet of no-flow pipe-run element enabling modeling of venting and drain pipe-runs ending with a free outlet
  • 3D visualization of connection type variants for the Terminal unit element when declaring data in the Data table window
straty ciepla

Heat loss

  • New type of partition: Expansion wall
  • The Room element along with its label is also visible on the H&E(T) scope
systemy plaszczyznowe

Radiant systems

  • New type With return temp. limiter of the Heating/Cooling Floor Zone element, must be supplied from the high-temperature part by pipe-runs and is not divided automatically
  • The value of the default floor thermal conductivity coefficient in the heating floor structure window is 2.1 W / mK, and the default floor thickness is taken from the floor data
instalacje wodociagowe

Tap water systems

  • The possibility of using manifolds in the hot water circulation network
  • New Outlet of no-flow pipe-run element enabling modeling of venting and drain pipe-runs ending with a free outlet
  • The Source element has additional text data Purpose of the medium (e.g. drinking water, process water). After calculations, this information is available in the labels of fed elements (it does not affect the calculations)
  • In the Search window it is possible to define the search criteria: Water outlet point located on a specific type of element Waste water source
  • New Separate schematic views option in the Data table window for the Starting point (Water supply systems) element, giving the possibility to create separate Automatic schematic view of installation worksheets for cold water installation and for domestic hot water and circulation
  • Presentation of Pressure boosting device and Mixing valve elements on Automatic schematic view of installation worksheets