The ‘Dry system board arrangement’ module expands the ‘Radiant systems’ module (in terms of radiant heating systems) with the possibility to use dry system boards while preparing a design.

Example of a dry system board

  • Functionalities of dry system boards arrangement:
    • Board types: main, return etc. are defined in ‘Radiant heatig/cooling system catalogues (basic)’
    • Gutters are integrated with boards (not inserted separately)
    • Boards are introduced manually, with help of snapping
    • Boards may be cut both automatically and manually, the remaining elements may be reused
    • Boards are included in the radiant heating system material list
    • 3D board visualisation
  • Loops are drawn and connected manually, with help of snapping the pipe to points of reference on the board
  • List of standards and methods used for sizing and calculations