The module allows to use flat stations within the building’s technical infrastructure. Flat stations are represented in the program by a single-unit system element with precisely defined system connection points and with the possibility to customize its sub-elements and accessories.

  • Use of flat stations in designs:
    • Preparation (heating) of domestic hot water by an installed plate heat exchanger
    • Distribution of the medium in the flat heating (convective and radiant) system
  • Chosen essential functionalities realised by the module:
    • Sizing of the installation feeding the stations
    • Diagnostics of the necessary domestic hot water exchanger to obtain required outflow and heating of the domestic water with defined temperature of feeding the station with heating medium (exchanger dimensions are chosen manually by the user)
    • Calculation of required supply system output which feeds the flat system installation
  • Additional functions available for the Kamo stations:
    • Calculations and presentation of the required buffer recipient capacity in the installation feeding flat stations according to the original KAMO methodology