The ‘Heat loss’ module allows to calculate design heat loss for rooms and for a whole building. The results of such calculations may create a point of reference for a heating system design. Such calculations are performed according to one of the norms available in the package. Current information on this scope are available in:

Implementation of data for heat loss calculations is based on the graphical model of a building, whose edition is allowed by the °Base module°. Revolutionary automation solutions in terms of completing data for heat loss calculations render obtaining complete and detailed heat loss calculations much faster and easier.

Essential functionalities of the module:

  • Calculations based on graphical elements, whose dimensions are automatically interpretated from the drawings / model
  • Full 3D building model with advanced possibilities of indicating elements and view configuration
  • Possibility to choose a calculation package norm to which printouts will be adjusted
  • Automatic partition dimensioning according to the standards included in a chosen norm
  • Easy declaration of most important building data in one place in the program. Information introduced in general data are propagated to building units and rooms
  • User-friendly design navigation – advanced tool supporting design navigation and a browser of elements based on detailed criterion selection
  • Automatic assignment of partition structure definitions to elements in the building, including the possibility to declare various default types and to declare criteria of their assignment to partitions of the same type, e.g. to external walls
  • Automatically generated graph of airflow in a building unit allowing to verify the ventilation airflow balance in a quick manner
  • Possibility to control condensation