Designing installations with flat stations supplying heating for purposes of domestic hot water and apartment central heating in multi-storey buildings
The training includes two alternative scenarios:

  1. manually declared domestic hot water outflow.
  2. domestic hot water outflow based on water system calculations (requires the ‘Tap water systems’ module included in the software configuration).


  1. Previewing and setting project general data, in particular:
    • default station type,
    • hot water heating degree,
    • domestic hot water outflow declaration method (requires the ‘Tap water systems’ module included in the software configuration).
  2. Design graphic edition on plans, in particular:
    • inserting stations and editing their data,
    • nserting a source and arranging a distribution system (risers and horizontal sections in the basement),
    • connecting (central heating and domestic hot water) apartment systems to stations,
    • inserting necessary fittings and whiteware,
    • copying installations on other analogous storeys.
  3. 3D model system correctness analysis.
  4. Calculation performance as well as diagnostics and results analysis, in particular:
    • necessary tap water heat exchange for working parameters,
    • sized diameters for station feed risers,
    • determined pressure required in the source,
    • determined source output.
  5. Generating schematic views.
  6. Preparing designs for printout/export.
  7. (opt.) Exporting installation models to IFC (BIM format) files.
  8. Q&A.


Approx. 2 hours

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