Designing of a heating system with convective radiators.
During the training, you will learn how to prepare two types of systems:

  • heating system fed by risers in a multi-storey building.
  • heating system with manifold distribution in a one-family house.


  1. Previewing and setting project general data, in particular:
    • default types of radiators, fittings and connection sets,
    • radiator sizing options.
  2. Design graphic edition on plans, in particular:
    • inserting radiators in groups and editing their data,
    • arranging the medium distribution system and connecting radiators to it.
  3. 3D model system correctness analysis.
  4. Calculation performance as well as diagnostics and results analysis, in particular:
    • coverage of required heating output,
    • sized radiators and fittings,
    • obtained bill of materials.
  5. Generating schematic views.
  6. Preparing designs for printout/export.
  7. (opt.) Exporting installation models to IFC (BIM format) files.
  8. Q&A.


Approx. 2 hours

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