Preparation of complete building structure along with calculation of heat load based on a one-family house.


  1. Previewing and setting project general data, in particular:
    • creating required number of storeys,
    • editing data for room types,
    • editing data for building heat load requirements.
  2. Loading storey plans from DWG files.
  3. Generating elements composing the building structure (walls, slabs, floors, roofs) with use of tools automating this phase.
  4. Inserting windows, doors, slab or wall openings.
  5. Modelling roof surfaces.
  6. Generating a complete building structure.
  7. Defining heating parameters for structure partitions.
  8. Determining building and room heat load (H&E)
  9. Analyzing results, in particular:
    • automatically created 3D heating model,
    • ventilation airflows indicated graphically on plans,
    • particular results for rooms and the complete building.
  10. Q&A.


Approx. 3-4 hours

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